What You Should Know About Mini Implant Dentures

What You Should Know About Mini Implant Dentures

Millions of people in the United States are missing teeth, and dentures have long been the solution for a replacement. But dentures can be unstable and interfere with simple daily activities, like eating and speaking. Many people with dentures feel less confident when they smile or talk. A minimally invasive procedure called mini dental implants is a cost-effective innovation for those with dentures. It can also be a viable solution if you do not have enough bone tissue for traditional dental implants. Please keep reading to learn more about mini implant dentures.

What Are Mini Implant Dentures?

Mini implant dentures are prosthetic devices that fit securely and comfortably within your mouth. Many people are candidates for this treatment, whether you have a receding jawbone, trauma from an accident, or lack of bone mass.

With mini implant dentures, your dentist can restore your teeth to a natural look and feel, helping you enjoy eating and improving your speech. Perhaps the most crucial factor is that you’ll have more confidence in your smile.

Traditional removable dentures must be taken out and cleaned, but mini implant dentures are a long-term solution that will improve your appearance and overall health.

Mini Implant Dentures Have Many Benefits

What You Should Know About Mini Implant DenturesWhen you have an ill-fitting denture, it can be refitted using two methods. The first method involves your dentist hollowing out a space in your denture and filling it with a soft relining material. This material will occasionally need replacing to continue providing an accurate fit.

The other method involves mini dental implants placed into the jawbone to stabilize the denture. Mini implant dentures have several benefits:

  • Prevents movement of the denture
  • Less invasive than conventional dental implants
  • Shorter procedure
  • Allows you to eat normally
  • Less expensive than traditional implants
  • Fewer post-procedure complications
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According to a recent review, over 95% of mini dental implant placements are successful.

Drawbacks of Mini Implant Dentures

Not everyone is a candidate for mini dental implants; traditional implants or dentures are more suitable for some patients.

Vertical Bone Requirements

Bone volume doesn’t play a significant role in placing mini dental implants, but it’s still a factor. The implant needs the bone for support, so a mini implant denture is not possible if there is a substantial amount of bone loss.

If you’ve been told you are not a candidate for traditional implants, you should still discuss mini implant dentures with your dentist. You may still qualify for mini dental implants.

Less Durable

Because they are smaller, mini dental implants are less sturdy than traditional implants. You might require more implant posts for your mini implant denture, or they might not last as long as conventional implants.


If a mini implant becomes damaged, the entire structure must be replaced because it’s a single unit compared to the traditional two-part implant.

Experienced Mini Implant Denture Dentist

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