Dental Fillings in Union City, NJ

Tooth pain or discomfort can be very distressing to experience. Often, such pain is caused by tooth decay, and there is a simple treatment for these cavities that can bring you relief: dental fillings.

Dental fillings are just about the most important routine dental treatment, stopping tooth decay before it can spread and cause further issues. The residents of Union City, NJ, can count on Diana Rodriguez, DMD, at Union City Mini Dental Implants for high-quality composite dental fillings whenever they find themselves dealing with cavities.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are exactly what they sound like. They fill the holes left in the enamel by tooth decay, which are widely known as cavities. This simple and fast procedure delivers reliable and effective results, relieving pain and sensitivity and preventing the further spread of tooth decay.

Cavities are an incredibly common dental issue, with the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research finding that 92% of adults between 20 and 64 have had at least one cavity in their permanent teeth.

Dental Fillings in Union City, NJ Diana Rodriguez & AssociatesTooth decay is caused by bacteria in your mouth metabolizing sugar and excreting acid. Regular brushing and flossing and routine dental cleanings help manage these bacteria, but cavities can still happen even with good oral hygiene in some cases.

When a cavity forms, the resulting hole is the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and multiply inside. They’re sheltered from brushing and have a large surface area to spread over. This accelerates tooth decay, which could eventually reach the pulp inside the tooth and require a root canal procedure to treat properly.

However, dental fillings put a stop to that tooth decay. By filling the hole, bacteria cannot enter it and no longer have a rich environment in which to grow. There are several different types of materials used for fillings today. Dr. Rodriguez only uses aesthetic, high-quality white dental composite fillings.

When Do You Need Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are necessary when tooth decay is beginning to form a cavity in your teeth. Depending on the location and depth of the cavity, you may need additional treatment beyond a dental filling. If tooth decay has reached the pulp inside your tooth, you’ll need a root canal treatment.

A toothache can be a prime indicator that you need a filling. The area exposed by the cavity can be highly sensitive to pressure and temperature. You could feel pain while eating or a dull pain that is always present.

In many cases, you can visually identify a cavity if it has progressed far enough. You’ll be able to see an irregular hole in your tooth. Most cavities are in the crown, the chewing surface of the tooth. However, cavities can occur in other areas of the tooth and are much more difficult to spot visually.

You may also be able to feel the cavity with your tongue or notice bits of food always getting stuck in a particular spot. While the surfaces of your teeth have bumps, they don’t naturally have sharp crevices or deep holes. If you notice anything like that, it’s essentially a cavity that requires a dental filling.

Wear can also lead to cavities, creating a thinner outer layer that decay can eat through more easily. Patients who grind their teeth or otherwise experience excess wear are more likely to need dental fillings or other treatment options.

While dental fillings are mostly used to treat cavities, they can also be used to handle certain types of physical damage to your teeth. This is particularly true with composite dental fillings, which are more versatile in the shapes and contours they can take.

The Benefits of White Composite Dental Fillings

To provide the very best results for patients, Dr. Rodriguez only provides white dental composite fillings at Union City Mini Dental Implants, as opposed to conventional metal amalgam fillings. This relatively new type of dental filling provides many benefits over older methods.

First, there’s the fact that your dental fillings will be unnoticeable. Metal amalgam fillings have a distinct silver color that can be easily spotted. Composite dental fillings, on the other hand, are matched to the color of your teeth, presenting a seamless appearance.

You can also experience greater comfort with composite dental fillings. The material doesn’t transfer heat as quickly as metal amalgam, which can cause hot or cold to spread quickly to the sensitive inner parts of the tooth. Composite dental fillings don’t cause this increased sensitivity.

The composite dental filling procedure can also be used to deal more effectively with a wider range of cavities. The composite resin doesn’t just fill a hole; it can also be shaped. This makes it suitable for cavities at the edge of the tooth because the material can be shaped to a natural contour.

Overall, patients are generally much more satisfied with composite dental fillings, particularly in terms of the natural appearance they provide.

Your Dental Filling Procedure

The first step is to determine whether a dental filling is called for. If you’re dealing with tooth pain or other symptoms, you should reach out to Union City Mini Dental Implants to schedule an appointment. Dr. Rodriguez will be able to determine whether a cavity is the root cause and will develop a treatment plan customized for you.

Cavities are also often identified during routine checkups before any symptoms become apparent. This is the best-case scenario, as it makes it possible to halt tooth decay before it can become worse. The dental filling procedure is so straightforward and fast that you might be able to get your filling the very same day that the cavity is discovered.

During the procedure itself, Dr. Rodriguez will use a dental drill and other tools to remove the decayed material. Local anesthesia is generally sufficient during dental fillings, although Union City Mini Dental Implants does provide sedation dentistry as well for patients with dental anxiety or other unique needs.

With the decayed material removed, Dr. Rodriguez prepares the surface of the tooth by cleaning and sanitizing the area to eliminate bacteria. Composite dental fillings use a UV-curable resin which is often applied in several layers. The material will be placed in the cavity and cured with UV light, and then that step is repeated several times.

With the final layer, Dr. Rodriguez will shape and contour the composite material to match the natural shape of your teeth. This layer is then cured and polished, and the dental filling treatment is complete.

In some cases, temporary dental fillings can be used as well. These are often used in emergency situations or during root canal treatments that require a crown at a later appointment.

Getting the Personalized Care You Need

No matter what your dental needs are, you’ll receive compassionate care at Union City Mini Dental Implants. We strive to provide the service and treatments that our patients need to address their unique dental needs.

Dr. Rodriguez provides a full range of treatment options, including white composite dental fillings. With nearly 20 years of experience and over 500 five-star reviews, she provides patients with the preventive care, treatment planning, and procedures they need to stay happy and healthy.

Take Care of Your Oral Health Today

Dental fillings are a simple, fast, and affordable way to prevent further tooth decay from causing more serious issues. At Union City Mini Dental Implants, we can work with insurance or provide a range of other financing options to help you get the care you need.

If you’re experiencing pain or other symptoms, contact Union City Mini Dental Implants to schedule an appointment with Diana Rodriguez, DMD.