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Learn about the different types of dentures and which option is right for you.

When you have missing teeth, it can affect your ability to pronounce words correctly, your ability to eat, and your self-confidence. We understand how trying your situation is, and our caring team at Union City Mini Dental Implants, led by Dr. Diana Rodriguez, DMD, and Dr. Samuel Lemieux, DMD can help.

For many people, dentures are an excellent option, and there are many different types available. It’s important to be fully informed of your choices so you can make the best decision for your happiness, peace of mind, and your health.

That’s where we come in. We offer free consultations with no obligation, so you can speak with the doctor, get X-rays and scans, and work with us to formulate a customized treatment plan that will give you the radiant smile you want. 

Types of Dentures in Union City, NJ

Dentures-in-Union-City-NJ-Affordable-Dentures-Diana-Rodriguez-DMD - Happy,Senior,Woman,Is,Smiling,Confidently,At,Beauty,Of,NewDifferent types of dentures are best suited for different people. Some are designed to be permanent, and some are temporary. Some dentures are partials, and others are full sets.

Dentures are also a common solution for missing teeth. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 41 million Americans use them. 

Traditional Dentures

Many people are at least somewhat familiar with traditional standard dentures; maybe you’ve had them yourself. These are the full sets that are often ill-fitting and require nightly removal, frequent soaking, and messy adhesives.

Standard dentures often come with a variety of problems for the wearer, some of which include:

  • Difficulty eating and chewing
  • Trouble speaking correctly
  • Problems with excess saliva
  • Frequent slips out of place
  • Bad breath
  • Clicking noises during eating
  • Struggles with gag reflex

In addition, soreness and discomfort are very common problems. Mouth and gum irritation can be localized, or it could be a general, widespread discomfort of the mouth. 

Even though soreness is normal when traditional dentures are new and the mouth goes through an adjustment period, for many people, the discomfort never really goes away completely.

Poor-fitting dentures can eventually lead to a condition known as bone resorption, which causes extreme pain when chewing, as the pressure irritates nerves in the jaw. In addition, bacteria buildup can result from improper cleaning of traditional dentures, which can lead to conditions like thrush (denture stomatitis).

Alternatives to Traditional Dentures

You don’t have to live with ill-fitting traditional dentures that cause so many problems. There are alternatives, the best of which use mini dental implants as anchors for prosthetic teeth. Mini dental implants offer a revolutionary solution to secure and stabilize today’s dentures and bridges. 

Removable Acrylic Overdentures

Perhaps the best solution for missing teeth instead of traditional dentures for many patients is removable acrylic overdentures. 

These overdentures can easily be removed either by you or Dr. Diana Rodriguez, DMD. This solution requires the placement of anywhere from four to eight mini dental implants into the jaw. The number of implants will be determined by the volume and density of your jawbone.

  • Placement of lower overdentures requires four to six mini dental implants
  • Placement of upper overdentures requires six to eight mini dental implants

Once the necessary implants are placed, the jaw is left to heal before custom-made overdentures are attached. The overdenture is attached to the implants for a secure, comfortable fit, eliminating ill-fitting dentures and all of the problems that come with them.

Fix-on-Six® Dental Implants

This dental procedure is similar to the removable acrylic overdentures, with a few key differences. It’s usually an ideal solution for patients who have significant teeth missing from one or both jaws. 

Dentures-in-Union-City-NJ-Affordable-Dentures-Diana-Rodriguez-DMD-Fix-On-Six-Implant-Supported-Dentures.This procedure is called Fix-on-Six because it affords patients the option of replacing all of their missing teeth with just six dental implants.

Fix-on-Six is an option that many patients appreciate because it is a healthier alternative to traditional dentures. Using mini dental implants is ideal because they usually don’t require bone grafting and can be used even when the jaw has experienced significant density loss.

The six dental implants serve as anchors for an overdenture (or a bridge), which keeps the prosthetic teeth permanently in place. These screws fuse with the jawbone over time as they take the place of natural tooth roots. The prosthetic teeth look completely natural, giving patients back their smiles and their self-confidence.

The benefits of the Fix-on-Six procedure are exceptional and include:

  • No need to mess with the hassle of traditional dentures
  • A quick recovery time after the procedure
  • A beautiful, permanent, natural-looking smile
  • The ability to eat any foods you want
  • Provides a lifelong solution
  • Preserves jawbone density and structure

If you have a full arch of missing teeth, Fix-on-Six might be an ideal solution for you, especially if you want a stable, lifelong alternative to removable dentures. Request a free consultation with Dr. Diana Rodriguez, DMD, to find out whether you are a good candidate for Fix-on-Six.

Semi-Removable Roundhouse Dentures

Another excellent alternative to traditional dentures is the semi-removable roundhouse denture. Like the Fix-on-Six procedure, this option requires mini dental implants. Instead of using four to eight implants, placement of ten to 12 mini implants is needed. 

The specific number of implants that a patient requires depends on the density and volume of the jawbone that will house them.

Once the correct number of mini implants are placed, and the mouth has healed, a custom hybrid resin or zirconia bridge (known as the “roundhouse”) is created. It is fixed to the implants, which serve as anchors for the bridge to keep it firmly in place. The bridge is also cemented onto the mini dental implants. 

The semi-removable roundhouse denture cannot be removed by the patient, but the dentist is able to remove it. The bridge is always custom-made for the wearer. 

This is an excellent solution for many people because it offers a more stable alternative to traditional dentures and results in a beautiful smile that looks completely natural. Both resin and zirconia are extremely durable materials, making them an ideal choice for prosthetic teeth.

You Don’t Have to Settle for the Hassle of Traditional Dentures

There are many complications and uncomfortable symptoms that can come along with standard, traditional dentures. While they were the optimal solution for missing teeth years ago, that is no longer the case today. 

At Union City Mini Dental Implants, we believe that every patient deserves the very best care and the most beneficial solutions possible whenever dental health is concerned.

We understand the difficulties that missing teeth create; it can be challenging to speak and eat correctly and difficult to want to smile and laugh. Traditional dentures often don’t provide a solution to any of these issues. Instead, they may exacerbate them while creating new problems.

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