iSmile Teeth Whitening

Watch this video from experienced New Jersey dentist Dr. Samuel Lemieux of the Mini Dental Implant Centers of America in Union City as he explains the iSmile Teeth Whitening system. 

Here at the Mini Dental Implants Centers of America, we have patients ask all the time how they can get their teeth whiter. We do offer in-office whitening, and we send you home with this kit. It comes in a cool travel bag, and it contains all the agents, which is the gel and ultraviolet light that you can use, just like in our office.

This can be utilized by you for as long as you want so you get the result that you desire. In the past, sensitivity was a big problem with whitening. These days, sensitivity has been diminished based on the formulation of the whitening agent that we use. So patients complain about sensitivity far less than they used to.

If you or someone you love is suffering from missing teeth or loose dentures, contact The Mini Dental Implant Centers of America for a free consultation to learn how this life-changing treatment can enhance your smile, improve your function, and restore your self-confidence in as little as one office visit. Call now, and let us give you something to smile about.