How Much Do Mini Dental Implants Cost?

Watch this video by our office manager Rodman Rodriguez as he outlines why the cost of mini dental implants is generally much less than traditional dental implants due to the less invasive nature, fewer procedures, and fewer office visits that are generally required in comparison to conventional dental implants. 

We’re often asked by patients, how much do mini dental implants cost? That’s going to vary patient by patient, and really, to be able to answer that question, the doctors are going to need to see a cone beam CT, do an oral examination, gather some information about what you aspire to achieve with the dental treatment that you’re searching for here at the office.

With all that information, they can put together a treatment plan that is patient-specific, and it’s going to have a patient-specific cost. Usually, though, mini dental implants require fewer procedures than conventional implants. All of the procedures are done here in the office by the same dentist. We do all our imaging here in the office as well. You won’t have to get, in most cases, bone grafting, no extensive surgery, and the mini implant system tends to be less complex than a conventional implant system. All those factors lead to a procedure that is about half the cost of conventional implants.

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