Mini Dental Implants with Bone Loss

Watch this video by experienced New Jersey cosmetic dentist Dr. Diana Rodriguez as she explains bone loss and how replacing your missing teeth with mini dental implants can prevent further bone loss or deterioration. 

So here we have a model of the lower jaw with all the teeth in place. When a patient starts to lose teeth and the teeth are removed, what happens is they go from looking like this to then looking like this, where there’s still a good amount of bone. Progressively over time, the patient will go from having a good amount of bone to even less bone. If no implants are placed, the patient will progressively lose more and more bone and end up looking similar to this model.

As the patient loses more and more bone, their denture will slip around more. They’ll have to use more denture glue. So that is why we recommend, even when a patient is just missing one tooth, replacing it so that we can maintain the bone in that area and prevent any bone loss. So here in our office, when a patient comes in, and the tooth needs to be removed, I will always give the patient the option of replacing the tooth at that same appointment. So we’ll remove the tooth and place the implant and a temporary tooth so the patient does not have to go with a missing space.

We can put a temporary tooth on the same day the implant is placed, and we are also preserving the bone in that area and preventing any bone loss. In the past, that was not done, and so many patients lost multiple teeth. That is why there are many people that are told that bone grafting is necessary in their case. Now, with mini dental implants, because they require much less bone, we won’t have to do a bone graft and can utilize the existing available bone to place the dental implant. We can replace one or multiple teeth or an entire arch of teeth.

It can be with a fixed prosthesis, teeth that don’t come in and out, and they can be with a removable prosthesis. There are different options, so please give us a call for that free consultation, and we will go over with you your different treatment options.

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