Stages of Bone Loss Explained

Watch this video by experienced New Jersey dentist Dr. Samuel Lemieux as he explains the stages of bone loss and how mini dental implants can help stop the progression of bone loss and prevent further decay. 

Patients ask all the time, “why am I losing bone?” Even if you lose one tooth or multiple teeth, your bone starts resorbing right away. So you can see here you have stage one, stage two, and stage three bone loss. The incredible thing about many dental implants is that they’re small enough to be placed most often in all three stages of bone resorption. Not only that, but once a mini dental implant is placed, it can, for the most part, arrest the loss of bone.

If you’ve been turned down for conventional implants in the past, mini dental implants may be the best option for you. They’re small enough that on a narrow ridge, we can actually place two to four implants in the front of your lower jaw and then have a snap-on denture on top of it.

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