An Implant Overdenture Provides an Optimal Fit

Overdenture in Union City, NJ | Implant Dentures | Mini Implants

A recent study demonstrated that implant overdentures significantly outperform conventional dentures in patient satisfaction and quality of life. The study confirms the notable enhancement in comfort, functionality, and stability for individuals wearing implant-retained overdentures, contributing to an improvement in overall well-being. If you are looking for a solution to tooth loss, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort or security when it comes to your dentures. The innovative mini implant overdenture allows you to treat yourself to your favorite dishes without hesitation, speak confidently, and smile freely.

At Diana Rodriguez and Associates, Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Lemieux specialize in mini dental implant solutions. If you are struggling with tooth loss, we invite you to visit our practice, a Mini Dental Implant Center of America. Using the latest advancements in dental implant technology, we can replace your missing teeth efficiently and provide long-lasting stability for your dentures.

Understanding Dentures

Overdenture in Union City, NJ | Implant Dentures | Mini Implants

Traditional dentures are perhaps the most recognizable of all the denture options available. Dentures are removable prosthetics kept in place using your mouth’s soft tissues. Denture wearers often use messy adhesives to secure their dentures, as suction often doesn’t provide enough stability.

While traditional dentures fulfill their intended function, they come with inherent drawbacks. For example, they can make eating more difficult and cause slurred speech, bad breath, discomfort, and sores. They are also unable to prevent bone loss.

Implant overdentures increase stability by attaching to mini dental implants. At your free consultation, we’ll discuss factors like aesthetics and functionality to help you make an informed decision about your denture care.

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What Is an Overdenture?

For many patients, an overdenture may be the best solution for missing teeth. Also known as an implant-retained or snap-in denture, an overdenture offers a removable yet secure dental solution for those seeking improved stability compared to traditional dentures. An overdenture is stabilized by mini dental implants that are placed into the jawbone.

The procedure requires placing four to eight mini dental implants into the jaw. The number of implants used will depend on the volume and density of your jawbone and whether you need an upper or lower denture. A lower overdenture requires four to six mini dental implants, while the placement of an upper overdenture requires six to eight mini dental implants.

The mini implants extend above the gum line, providing attachment points for the removable overdenture. The denture has corresponding housings that snap onto the implants, creating a stable and secure connection.

The implant denture system provides a fully functional set of false teeth. This design also ensures a more secure fit than conventional dentures, eliminating movement or slippage while providing increased stability and comfort for the wearer. Implant overdentures are designed to snap securely onto implants, offering the flexibility to be easily removed at home while ensuring a stable fit when in place.

Why Should I Consider an Overdenture?

Overdentures are an excellent alternative to traditional dentures. If you’re contemplating an overdenture, it’s important to understand the benefits they offer:

  • Stability: They don’t require any adhesives like traditional dentures. Since an overdenture is anchored by mini implants, it does not rely on suction or adhesives. This stability eliminates denture movement while speaking, eating, yawning, or sneezing. It also decreases the risk of mouth sores and irritation. Say goodbye to loose or ill-fitting dentures—with overdentures, you’ll enjoy a more stable and comfortable experience.
  • Durability: Traditional dentures require adjustments or replacement as the dentures loosen over time. In contrast, an implant overdenture is a more permanent solution because the mini implants act as roots that fuse with the jawbone.
  • Jawbone preservation: The mini dental implants replace the structure of your teeth, including the missing tooth roots. By stimulating the jawbone when you bite and chew, the implants keep your jaw healthy and prevent bone loss. A strong jaw prevents changes to your facial appearance and allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods.
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Get Your Bite Back with Implant-Retained Overdentures

Replacing your missing teeth shouldn’t compromise comfort and security. Thanks to innovations in denture retention, superior alternatives to traditional dentures are now available. A mini implant overdenture offers the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods, speak confidently, and smile without hesitation.

Diana Rodriguez and Associates offers the latest treatments and most up-to-date techniques to provide our patients with the best possible dental solutions. Contact us now to book a free consultation and explore the transformative potential of an implant-retained overdenture!

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