Dental Financing Options

Dental Financing Options Diana Rodriguez & Associates

Dental financing options allow patients to manage their budgets while getting necessary care and treatments. Even patients with dental insurance often have to cover costs out of pocket due to limits on the maximum amount the insurance provider will pay out or treatments left uncovered by their policy.

Diana Rodriguez & Associates wants to ensure all of our patients in Union City, NJ, can receive the dental care they need without having to wait until there is room in their budgets.

We provide patients with payment plans through multiple providers so they can evaluate their options and choose the most affordable financing for their needs. Our financing options benefit all patients, regardless of whether they have a dental emergency or are planning on a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

What Are My Dental Financing Options?

Dental Financing Options Diana Rodriguez & AssociatesMany patients delay or forego receiving necessary dental care because they can’t afford it. Patients who cannot or don’t want to pay for all their dental care at once may choose financing to pay for their treatments over time.

Dental financing options may take the form of a personal loan, a medical credit card, or a revolving line of credit. At Diana Rodriguez & Associates, we partner with three main dental financing options, so patients can choose the plan that suits them best.


CareCredit is a healthcare credit card for financing health and wellness services for patients, their families, and pets.

The card offers significant benefits, including the ability to use the line of credit repeatedly.

CareCredit provides users with deferred interest options. Patients who choose to finance their dental treatments over 6, 12, 18, or 24 months can avoid paying interest during the designated period as long as they make their minimum monthly payments.

If the balance is paid in full before the designated promotional period ends, CareCredit will not charge interest. In addition, larger purchases can be financed for longer periods through special financing options that allow patients to spread their payments out for up to five years.


LendingClub offers multiple dental financing options so patients can choose a plan based on their needs. This financial services company features installment loans with fixed monthly payments.

Patients can use LendingClub to pay for a single procedure or multiple procedures. LendingClub works with different banks to finance your treatments, and similar to CareCredit, they provide shorter- and longer-term payment plans.

Their plans feature no upfront payments and no prepayment penalties.


Ally dental financing options offer patients installment loans with customizable terms. For example, some patients may choose an option that includes no interest for a set period or an extended, fixed interest for the duration of the loan.

Patients can easily apply and secure their loan online and receive a rapid answer regarding the best options available. Ally even has a dedicated support team that works with patients as they navigate their financing process.

Don’t Let Your Budget Negatively Affect Your Health

Patients in Union City, NJ, have several options for receiving the dental care they need. Now, they also have options for affording that care.

At Diana Rodriguez & Associates, we understand that medical costs can come as a surprise — but your health doesn’t have to suffer. Reach out to our team today to schedule your free consultation and learn your dental financing options to restore your oral health and bring back your smile.

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