When Are Mini Implants the Recommended Option?

Mini Implants | Tooth Replacement Option | Union City N.J.

Technology is constantly changing, including dental techniques and equipment. Mini implants are a perfect example of that evolution, as this modified dental implant improves upon many aspects of a traditional implant.

Dr. Diana Rodriguez is a highly skilled mini implant dentist providing patients with this new solution for restoring missing teeth while reducing recovery time, costs, and discomfort.

However, a mini implant isn’t appropriate for all patients and situations. At Diana Rodriguez & Associates, we want all of our Union City, NJ, patients to have the best treatment options for their needs.Mini Implants | Tooth Replacement Option | Union City N.J.

How Are Mini Implants Different?

Traditional implants are installed in three steps. They’re composed of a titanium or zirconium post, an abutment, and a crown. First, the post is secured into the jawbone, then the abutment is attached on top, and lastly, the crown is connected to the abutment.

Mini implants have three parts in just one unit: a socket, ball, and O-ring. This fundamental difference allows mini implants to be attached to dentures, crowns, and bridges immediately after the implant is placed.

When Are Mini Implants Recommended?

Most patients are good candidates; additionally, there are some situations where mini implants are the only option for patients seeking to secure their artificial tooth or teeth.

Replacing Smaller Teeth

Teeth come in all shapes and sizes. When patients lose smaller teeth, regular dental implants are often too big and place pressure on other teeth. When a jaw has limited space or the missing tooth is small, a mini implant offers the best option to restore a smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures

While some patients opt for traditional dentures that sit on top of the gums and are entirely removable, implant-supported dentures offer a better-fitting, more secure option.

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Dentures become ill-fitting and prone to shifting over time because the jawbone shrinks without proper stimulation. Mini implants anchor the dentures in the mouth so that they stay firmly in place.

These implants offer the added benefit of preventing bone atrophy and serve the same functions as a tooth’s root, allowing the jaw to keep its strength and shape.

Lack of Bone Mass

Patients who lack the bone mass to support traditional dental implants often need to undergo costly and painful bone grafting procedures to restore the bone before placing an implant.

Mini implants require significantly less space, so many patients with bone loss, bone resorption, or a smaller jaw have a faster and more comfortable option to restore their smiles.

Personal Preference

Many patients opt for mini dental implants because the process is easier, faster, less invasive, and less expensive than placing traditional implants. In addition, a mini implant offers a more immediate solution, with many patients able to fully restore their smile in one appointment.

Learn About All of Your Options in Union City

Many patients come to Diana Rodriguez & Associates because they’ve been told they aren’t candidates for dental implants or that the process is lengthy and painful. Our mini implants allow more patients to restore their smiles without traditional implants’ extensive procedures.

If you’re curious whether you’re a candidate for mini dental implants, reach out to Diana Rodriguez & Associates today to schedule a free consultation. We want everyone to have a smile they can’t wait to show off.

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