Is It Time for a Denture Replacement?

Denture Replacement in Union City, NJ | Dr. Diana Rodriguez

In an independent study by the Dental Products Report, only 5% of survey participants reported being completely satisfied with their dentures. In addition, over half the participants said they’d only had one set of dentures. While there isn’t a set timeline for how frequently patients should have a denture replacement, traditional dentures are not meant to be a permanent solution. Instead, they should regularly be relined, rebased, or remade to fit your needs. Diana Rodriguez & Associates offers several alternatives to traditional dentures that provide a robust and secure fit. The best denture replacement solution allows you to forget they’re not your natural teeth.

How to Know It’s Time for a Denture Replacement

Even the best traditional dentures should be replaced every seven to ten years. However, since the jawbone changes over time and dentures may wear differently depending on your jaw structure, the best way to determine whether it’s time for a denture replacement is by monitoring the fit and feel of your current denturesDenture Replacement in Union City, NJ | Dr. Diana Rodriguez

Check your dentures to see if they’re:

  • Loose
  • Falling out
  • Uncomfortable
  • Irritating your gums
  • Damaged
  • Discolored

Additionally, if your speech becomes slurred or “slushy” sounding, it can signal a poor fit, signaling you may need a denture replacement.

What Are My Denture Replacement Options?

The best alternatives to traditional dentures are anchored in the jaw using implants to provide support, stability, and strength.

Implants don’t just hold the dentures in place; they also prevent bone loss in your jaw, which is part of why traditional dentures stop fitting over time. We offer three popular denture replacement alternatives.

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Removable Acrylic Overdentures

If the ease of removing your dentures to clean and care for them appeals to you, or if you’re seeking a cost-effective option, then removable acrylic overdentures may serve as the best option for denture replacement.

Dr. Rodriguez secures your removable acrylic overdentures using mini dental implants, which are placed in the jaw before custom-made overdentures are attached. This alternative to traditional dentures fits securely and is firmly anchored into your jaw, so you no longer have to struggle with sliding or shifting teeth.

Fix-on-Six® Dental Implants

Fix-on-Six dental implants are a popular option for permanent dentures, as they allow patients to replace all of their missing teeth with just six dental implants. The implants anchor an overdenture or bridge and keep your artificial teeth permanently in place.

These implants are a lifelong solution that looks and feels completely natural. They preserve the density and strength of your jawbone and offer a quick recovery time.

Semi-Removable Roundhouse Dentures

Semi-removable roundhouse dentures are also secured to the jaw using mini dental implants. Once the implants are placed and healed, Dr. Rodriguez will place a custom zirconia or hybrid resin bridge called a roundhouse.

The roundhouse is only removable by your dentist and offers a stable, durable, natural-looking denture replacement.

Explore Your Denture Replacement Options with a Free Consultation

If it’s time for a denture replacement, make sure you know and understand your options. Many patients choose traditional dentures only because they’re most familiar with them. However, there are many alternatives that comfortably and securely fit your needs.

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Diana Rodriguez & Associates offers free consultations so you can learn about all of your options to restore your smile with a solution you love.

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