Who Is a Candidate for Permanent Dentures?

Permanent Dentures | Diana Rodriguez & Associates | New Jersey

There are several methods of restoring or replacing missing teeth. Traditional and permanent dentures are two of the most popular choices, each with benefits and drawbacks.

Diana Rodriguez & Associates offers many options to Union City, NJ, patients looking to restore their smiles with replacement teeth. A permanent denture often provides an ideal solution, allowing patients to stop worrying about shifting and uncomfortable prosthetics.

In the past, this type of denture was reserved for patients who fit narrow requirements. However, now they’ve become a much more accessible option. Permanent Dentures | Diana Rodriguez & Associates | New Jersey

What Are Permanent Dentures?

Permanent dentures are dental prosthetics that are held in place using dental implants. Once the dental implants are installed in the jaw, they begin to fuse with the jawbone, becoming increasingly stable and supported.

After the installed implants heal, the permanent dentures are fixed to the implants. At Diana Rodriguez & Associates, we offer Fix-on-Six® dental implants, which secure an entire arch of teeth on only six mini implants.

What Are the Benefits?

Permanent dentures function like natural teeth, so patients enjoy better stability and ease while eating, drinking, and talking. They also help to retain the jawbone’s integrity, which recedes without the stimulation provided by your teeth’s roots.

Since the implants replace the missing roots, they can prevent bone loss in your jaw.

Who Is a Candidate?

Most patients with multiple missing or damaged teeth are good candidates.

In the past, patients needed to have little, if any, bone loss in their jaw to be candidates for permanent dentures. Alternatively, they could undergo an expensive and painful bone grafting procedure to restore their jawbone enough to place the implants.

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Modern mini dental implants allow patients with bone resorption to still receive a permanent denture, as mini dental implants take up significantly less space in the jaw.

However, there are other factors to consider when determining whether you’re a good candidate.

Overall Health

For your dental implants to integrate successfully with the surrounding bone, your body needs to heal properly. Unfortunately, smoking can reduce the body’s ability to heal and impact the success of your implant’s integration.

Additionally, patients with uncontrolled diabetes may have compromised healing capabilities and be more prone to oral conditions such as periodontal disease. Patients whose diabetes is controlled are still candidates for permanent dentures.

Oral Health

Patients who choose permanent dentures need to commit to excellent oral hygiene. Regular brushing, flossing, and professional dental exams and cleanings are essential to caring for your replacement teeth.


Younger patients whose jaws are still growing should wait until that growth is complete before pursuing permanent dentures.

Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Patients who habitually clench or grind their teeth are not good candidates, as too much pressure on the implants can result in long-term damage to the jaw.

Find Out If Permanent Dentures Are Right for You

Diana Rodriguez & Associates offers free consultations to evaluate your candidacy for permanent dentures and explore your tooth replacement options. With hundreds of five-star reviews, you can easily see why patients seek out the expert skills of Dr. Rodriguez for their dental implants.

Learn if you’re a candidate when you call our offices and schedule your consultation today

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