The Incredible Capabilities of Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Cone Beam Computed Tomography CBCT Dental Imaging

Dentistry has made some amazing strides in recent years in the realm of technology. As a result, dentists now have equipment available to them that is capable of things that were previously only ever dreamed of. By coupling this equipment with innovative new techniques, your dentist is able to offer more efficient, more effective, and more comfortable treatment than ever before. A great example of one of these technological advances is cone beam computed tomography. This advanced form of X-ray equipment can provide a level of detail with its imaging that is far superior to traditional X-rays, which can help dentists diagnose and treat oral health issues with a high level of accuracy.

Cone beam computed tomography can make a difference in your oral health in a variety of ways.

What is Cone Beam Computed Tomography?

Cone Beam Computed Tomography CBCT Dental ImagingCone beam computed tomography, or cone beam CT, is a type of X-ray imaging technology that can easily produce 3D images of not only a patient’s teeth but also their soft tissues, bones, craniofacial region, and nerve paths.

With these highly detailed images, your dentist can get a much closer and clearer look at whatever your oral health issues may be so that they can diagnose and offer treatment.

How Does It Work?

Cone beam CT doesn’t just take a single picture as a typical camera would — it takes many pictures very quickly and uses them all to create a single 3D image.

When you receive your cone beam CT imaging, you’ll either sit or lie down in your dentist’s office and then have the machine positioned around your head. You’ll then be asked to sit very still for somewhere between 10 and 40 seconds, depending on the type of imaging needed.

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During this time, the cone beam CT’s version of a camera will rotate around your head while capturing somewhere around 200 2D images. The computer will then combine them together to create a composite 3D image that offers far more information than a single 2D snapshot does.

What Is Cone Beam Computed Tomography Used for?

Cone beam CT is not used in all situations where imaging is required, but there are particular instances where it can be incredibly useful for accurate analysis of dental issues. Those instances can include:

  • Placing dental implants
  • Understanding the source of dental pain
  • Observing sinuses, the nasal cavity, and the jaw
  • Diagnosing temporomandibular joint issues (TMJ)
  • Planning cosmetic procedures
  • Diagnosing and treating jaw tumors
  • Planning of various oral surgeries

While traditional X-ray imaging is still useful in some cases, there are times when it lacks the information needed for your dentist to provide you with the proper care. When that’s the case, the detailed 3D imaging offered by cone beam CT may be necessary.

Dental Technology Has Made Treatment Easier than Ever Before

With the help of cone beam computed tomography, Diana Rodriguez & Associates are able to provide you with dental treatment that is safe, comfortable, and effective — as our hundreds of 5-star patient reviews reflect. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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