Your Mini Dental Implant Can Cost Less Than You Think

Mini Dental Implant Cost in Union City, NJ | Tooth Replacement

If you are exploring options for replacing missing teeth but aren’t sure where to start, we are here to lend a hand. For many struggling with tooth loss, the common answer is dental implants. While traditional dental implants have long been a reliable choice for tooth replacement, they aren’t suitable for everyone. Mini dental implants are a modern alternative that helps many more people access superior tooth replacement procedures. Not only are they beneficial for those with weak or narrow jawbones, but they are also ideal for those seeking budget-friendly options. So, what are the expenses associated with mini dental implants? And what makes them the preferred choice for so many patients? If you are looking for insights into how much a mini dental implant will cost and the variables that make it more financially manageable, let us explain.

At Union City Mini Dental Implants, we understand that the financial aspect of dental care can be daunting, and it is common for people to delay dental treatment due to cost concerns. We want to provide you with a more cost-effective solution for your tooth loss. If you want to replace your missing teeth, we are here to break down the process to help you make the right decision for your oral health.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Tooth loss is a common struggle. With nearly 1 in 6 older adults in the United States struggling with complete tooth loss, a more efficient form of tooth replacement has become popular to alleviate this common issue. Like traditional implants, mini dental implants are appliances inserted into the jawbone that replace the missing root and support an artificial tooth or teeth.

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Like conventional implants, mini dental implants offer the versatility to support various restorations. They can effectively replace a single or multiple teeth and stabilize or support a denture.

Measuring half the size of traditional implants, mini dental implants are less than 3 millimeters wide. They consist of a small titanium screw with a ball on top and an O-ring that attaches the restoration to the implant. While traditional implants consist of the titanium root, the crown, and a separate connector, mini implants are more streamlined. This small size and upgraded design make the placement procedure much more efficient and less invasive.

Mini Implants and the Jawbone

Mini Dental Implant Cost in Union City, NJ | Tooth Replacement

The jawbone can deteriorate when a natural tooth is lost and not replaced promptly with an implant. This happens because the root of the tooth, which stimulates the jawbone when you bite or chew, is no longer there to maintain bone density. Traditional implants, being larger, often necessitate a substantial amount of jawbone for secure placement. This usually means that many patients with teeth missing for a long time may not be eligible for conventional implants. Others may need a bone graft to ensure enough bone volume to secure the implant.

Mini implants, on the other hand, can typically be placed without the need for bone grafting. Their narrow size makes them compatible with more patient jawbones, especially those who have experienced bone loss over time. As a result, the overall procedure for mini implants is more streamlined and efficient.

Mini Dental Implants: Understanding the Cost

The cost of a dental implant procedure will vary based on several factors, including:

  • Type of implant: One factor contributing to the affordability of mini implants is their design. While traditional implants have more components, mini implants cost less because they rely on fewer parts.
  • Prerequisite treatments: Additional treatments like bone grafts are sometimes necessary to prepare the jawbone for implants. These procedures add to the overall cost. Since bone grafts are usually not necessary for mini implants, this cost factor is eliminated.
  • Number of implants: The number of implants needed will directly influence the total cost. For instance, single-tooth implants will have a different cost than full-mouth implants. However, when mini implants are used, they can often come at a much lower price than their traditional counterparts.
  • Specific restoration: The type of restoration used and the materials chosen will also affect the final cost.
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The cost of your mini dental implant procedure will be notably lower than a conventional implant procedure. This is not only because of the smaller size of the implants but also because of what the reduced size facilitates. These implants offer a simpler, less invasive approach, requiring considerably less time for placement and recovery. This efficiency translates to a cost-effective alternative for tooth replacement.

However, if you need to finance your mini implant, we partner with multiple financing companies that allow you to pay for your treatment in manageable monthly increments. At your free consultation, we will review your dental insurance coverage and discuss financing options.

Learn More About The Cost of a Mini Dental Implant

Whether you are missing one tooth or all your teeth, mini dental implants are an affordable alternative to conventional implants. This long-lasting tooth replacement solution provides better outcomes than removable prosthetics and offers unparalleled stability. If you are ready to explore cost-effective tooth replacement solutions, we invite you to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation today.

At the Mini Dental Implant Center of America in Union City, NJ, Dr. Diana Rodriguez and Dr. Samuel Lemieux specialize in innovative mini implants to offer the leading treatments for our valued patients.

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